Live, from Kuwait: May 14, 2007

15 May

Well, I’m here, and it’s hotter than hell. No, seriously, I don’t think hell could possibly be this hot. I don’t understand how humans have evolved to handle this kind of heat, but everybody promises me I will get used to it in time. Other than that, not much to report. I have seen lots of camels, which is pretty cool. Did you know they have white camels? Apparently, they’re the real money makers. The Bedouins send them out into the road first, hoping they’ll get hit by U.S. troops, so they can get reimbursed for seven generations of camels. (stay tuned–pictures of platoon sergeant trying to ride angry camel soon to follow).
Well, that’s about it so far. Not much more to report. Did I mention it’s hot here? Oh yeh–and ugly. Every desert I end up in gets uglier and uglier. I’ll post pictures so you can see that I’m not exagerating. You’ll know them when you see them. They’ll be the pictures of absolutely nothing. It’ll be hard to figure out exactly where the horizon is because the air will be almost as brown as the sand. In fact, they’ll kind of look like pictures of the smog over L.A. sometime in the 1980’s, except there will be no L.A. Just smog. And sand.
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