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Well, I suppose if I am officially moving over to Myspace, I should probably use the blog. There’s not much to say these days, except keeping busy at work. The time has been flying by, but this month is crawling, as I am anxiously looking forward to going home on leave in November–and if I time it just right, I will miss all the legwork of Thanksgiving and show up just in time for the leftovers!

A friend recently sent me a Halloween care package–witch’s hat and wig and all–and in his letter, he expressed concern that it might not arrive in time for the holiday. Can you believe I actually had to look at the date on my watch to figure out if I missed Halloween? (It was only October 25th!) I keep loosing track of my phone calls home because I never know what day it is, or what day it was when I last called for that matter. Needless to say, whenever I do look down at my watch to check the date, I am very depressed that it is still October!

The good news is, we should be moving out of tents and into cans (trailers) soon. I will miss the M*A*S*H ambiance of the tents, although it’s not quite the same without the moonshine distiller. Alcohol would make this place so much more entertaining, although I don’t know when I’d actually find time to drink!

Well, the internet cafe is shutting down, so I better wrap this up. More to follow at a later date ….

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Posted by on October 28, 2007 in Halloween, Iraq, OIF